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These apps below are just a few that I have built for Textron Aviation. Some are on the App Store for our customers, others are enterprise apps that we use internally, distributed out through our own managed store.  All of my apps for iOS are built using Xcode with Objective C.


 Textron Aviation Service



(Copyright Textron Aviation)

A consolidated Service Directory App for Cessna, Beechcraft, and Hawker customers.  Quickly access support members and view all locations of Service Centers, Authorized Facilities, and MSUs.  Added is the ability to rate Service Centers, Centers get grouped together if they're within a certain distance of each other, and updates when the user has time, allowing you to call and access numbers immediately and refresh at your convenience.


 This app is now the one stop shop for everything Service related. We can send you customized push notifications, download and manage AReS II blackbox diagnostic data, register, and download files related to conference sessions. View and pay your invoices directly from the app.

Service Management allows you to approve or deny work requests, view status, request aircraft service, and see photos of the issues.  You can also approve scheduling for your aircraft and receive push notifications when a new work item needs approval.

Screen Shot 2023-04-19 at 9.24.26 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 11.08.50 AM.png

AReS diagnostics tool allows you to connect to our aircraft, view diagnostic files, download them directly to your device, and then send them to Textron Aviation.  


This allows you to diagnose issues with your aircraft if it is stuck in a remote location and provide Textron Aviation with your data within minutes

LinxUs tool allows you access to all faults within the last 30 days.  You will even receive a notification when a fault occurs in flight.

One click and you can send the fault directly to 1Call with all information provided, and a representative will start working your issue immediately.

The tool also provides options to select which faults you want to be notified for and even view the location of where the fault occurred.

Textron Aviation Cesnav

(Copyright Textron Aviation)

I took 3 separate apps and combined them, recreating their entire user interface experience, and added enhancements such as sharing calculations across all 3 calculators, and a unified results screen. The app offers weight and balance, to performance takeoff, and flight planning.


These apps pull in weather data to see if takeoff or landing is possible from the current runway and obstacles. Features include electronically signing PDFs for your flight data, plot and plan an entire trip, to configuring how many people are riding in your aircraft.


Caravan configuration allows you to drag and drop to reconfigure your aircraft seating.  Add or remove cargo zones.  The tool automatically creates a new Continuous History chart and generates a new weight and balance file for you to test with to see if the changed seats will fit within your flight envelope

Patent Pending


Textron Aviation

(Copyright Textron Aviation)

A complete rewrite and combination of 3 previous apps, Beechcraft Technical Publications, Cessna Flight, and Cesview for a brand new interface, 1 app for the entire company across Flight and Maintenance.  The app works directly with 1View online, and syncs bookmarks, annotations, history, and allows for 1View to be automatically opened from the app.  


Features include a 90% increase in update speeds, thumbnail generation and speed.  The original pdf viewer supported all bookmarks and links within PDFs that out performed Firefox's standards.  However, with the introduction of iOS 11, the viewer now is supported by Apple's PDFView, even though there are a few links that Apple doesn't support, the viewer is much faster and more stable.  Link Accounts, View Subscription status, receive updates, and 1 click access to Service info and 1View online.  

The combination of Apple's PDFViewer to render, and then the custom book tabs, and page tabs, which give the option to have multiple pages opened in the same PDF, or having multiple PDFs opened across books and instantly switch between them, creates a unique user experience for the customer.  Navigation allows for a crumb trail to go back and forth instantly when clicking on links within the PDF. Optionally view 2 pages at once, and supports iPhone as well


(Copyright Beechcraft Corporation)

An enterprise app that allows for owners to choose their aircraft and view any configuration of paint scheme. You can choose from all colors that are standard, or even create a custom color for their aircraft.  Multiple designs can be saved and then emailed to the back office and the customer.


Paint schemes are rendered in real time, base images are layered and stacked ontop of each other, each having a reference to which layer or other stripes each is tied to. When a new color is added, each stripe image is re-rendered.

Technical Publications (Replaced by 1View above)

(Copyright Beechcraft Corporation)

A comprehensive app that allows users to log in securely, download and view Flight Manuals and Maintenance Libraries on their iPads.  The app allows for full Table of Content navigation, support for section based annotations, full range of searching, as well as support for bookmarking.

On top of those features, the app syncs the downloaded manuals to notify the user when an update is available or if their subscription has expired.

Global Customer Support Directory (Replaced by Service above)

(Copyright Beechcraft Corporation)

An app that allows aircraft owners to quickly view the closest service center based on their location, allows ability to call or write email from within the app.  Content refreshes keeps most up to date information on contacts for the owner's current region.


(Copyright Textron Aviation)

An enterprise app for flight inspectors. This app allows for quick data collection for issues with aircraft. Videos, pictures, notes, filtered dropdowns are collected and synced across multiple devices and work in a disconnected state. Once synced, very detailed reports can be run, finding patterns in issues related to production, assembly, or post work.


All checklists are dynamically created from the server, so settings, updates, and new content are dynamically changed without touching the app.


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