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MortgageCalc HD

(Copyright Flint Hills Design)

A simple app to calculate a home mortgage.  Shows monthly payments, total payment, and total interest paid.  Also shows a graph on interest paid, as well as an amitorization schedule.

Super Checkers

Play on the same device with a friend or over Game Center with anybody or take on the computer.  A very simple yet addicting twist on the classic checkers game. This is also known as King's Court.  


The rules are simple. Each player moves 2 pieces to the middle square.  Now just get rid of the other player's pieces from the inner square by jumping over any pieces!

Pink Office

(Copyright Flourish Inc.)


I cannot take much credit for these apps, simply updating and adding lots of enhancements and features as an outsourced developer strictly for the mobile piece. Once again, a large amount of work goes to Erik Rodriguez for the app side of things, as well as the entire Flourish Company.


These apps, Pink Office in particular, allow for users to manage contacts, sales, invoices, get payment directly from the app, and see expenses from their pocket.


SkewTLogPro allows quick easy access to Skew T Log P graphs.  These graphs show wind speed, wind direction, dew point, and temperature at certain altitudes.

(Copyright IP Banc, Inc)

Features include the ability to select to graph information from your current location, an airport ID, or from a latitude and longitude entered.

Detailed information at specific milibars of pressure and altitudes are available for viewing.

Choose between free play, which there's no time limit, easy, medium, and hard, to try to destroy all the flashing blocks in time.

You also choose how many stars to blow up as well!

A bluetooth multiplayer option is available as well.  Instead of playing against time, one plays against another player.  However, be careful, the faster you blow up blocks, you force a bar to move down on the second player to make their gameplay harder.

Very, very addicting.  A twist to the classic tetris game, Block Burst takes it to the next level.  The concept?  Destroy all the flashing blocks.  To do this, one must stack three or more of the same colored blocks on top of, or below the flashing block to blow it up!

Block Burst

Addicting simple card game.  The goal is to cut 1000 bushels. The first person to do so wins the game.  However, watch out for opponents playing hazard cards on you.

Hazard cards include flat tires, rain, broken bearings, and no fuel.  To fix these remedies require repair cards and a sunshine.

There are also four safety cards available to draw, which makes you invincible to all hazards.  Let the cutting begin!

Harvest Rush

Shot Chart

Beautiful interface allows for easy and quick ways to keep track of a team during a basketball game!  Simply tap on the location on the court, select the player, and miss or make to save their shot.  This app allows for multiple seasons, multiple teams, and edit and change players flawlessly.

The app also keeps track of first half and second half, as well as total game stats constantly.  Quickly see free throw, field goal, three point, and total shot percentages!

There are multiple export options.  One, you can either save a screen shot of the chart and quickly print it wirelessly to available AirPrint printers.

The second option is emailing or printing a spreadsheet file containing names, and all stats of the players.


(Copyright Kahler Communications and Next Element)

Want an easy way to keep fresh on your Process Communication Model® concepts and skills? Then Pocket PCM is a great tool for you. Inside this app you can find definitions, examples, and tips for dealing more effectively with different personality types.

Pocket PCM was designed by a team of PCM trainers to help reinforce learning from PCM seminars, expose new learners to the powerful potential of this model, and offer PCM trainers a new way to extend the value of their work.​


Defend is exactly what it sounds like, a game which you defend your side of the screen.  The objective is to block lasers from hitting you.  The catch is, the shield must be the same color as the laser.

Simply touch once to change your shield to blue, two for red, three for green, four for yellow, and five for purple.

Bank Account

A very simple, yet elegant app to use.  This app allows you to keep track of your personal transactions to help keep a running total of your balance.  What sets this app apart from other money tracking apps is the functionality and options listed below.

Other features include the ability to backup your transactions to a text file or to a .CSV file that can be opened in any spreadsheet application, such as Excel.

You may also restore from a backup, as well as enabling a lock screen on the app, and be able to manage multiple accounts, such as Savings and Checking at the same time.

Other Apps

Booklet - McDonald's Monopoly Property Tracker

Different Squares

Find the square with the different shade of color!

A simple app that does what the name says. Keep track of your Monopoly pieces from McDonalds.  


NOTE: I have no affiliation with McDonald's or Monopoly


An app to quickly store trips.  Enter your odometer's starting mileage, and ending mileage and a name of your trip to calculate total miles traveled.

File Cabinet

Quickly add product or part numbers so the next time you're standing in a store, you know exactly the part you need.

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