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AVC Vet Records

An app for Vet clinics and ranchers. This app allows for Vet clinics to offer 1 place to manage cattle and vaccinations for their customers.  

Within minutes, a new Vet Clinic can be set up in the app, so please contact us if you are a Vet owner that would like to offer this to your customers

The app offers 2 distinct modes, customer access and admin access for vet owners.  Completely manage and view customers entire herd, all vaccines that have been administered, and manage all customers, and control who has access, all from the app. Please see below for an overview of features:

Ranchers / Customers

Vet Clinics / Owners

  • Free, simply create an account and register under your vet clinic

  • Record vaccinations, preg checks, and view what dosage and treatment should be given to cattle.

  • Apply vaccines to a single animal or to an entire group

  • Create cattle quickly by Multi-Add screens or single input with quick access to Preg Checks.  Quick shortcuts allow for quick input when running cattle through for processing

  • Import new cattle from a .CSV file

  • Manage your cattle quickly by assigning cows to groups

  • You can give access to your ranch all from the app, allowing you to add and remove access for others instantly. See who added or applied treatments to your cattle.

  • Transfer cattle to other users instantly, including all vaccinations and preg checks

  • Add events to a calendar, letting other users input information as well

  • Record any information offline and it will sync at a later time the app is used when an internet connection is available

  • Keep information synced across all of your devices

  • Your vet clinic can be set up in minutes by contacting us

  • Have access to all your clients cattle treatments and preg checks under your Vet Clinic, you manage who can be put under your vet clinic with an approval admin screen inside the app

  • View all data for your clients, including creating and managing all cattle.

  • Export customer data to .CSV files that can be imported into Excel, export out for a specific customer by cattle group, or between a date range

  • Control who are admins for your Vet Clinic

  • Help guides are built into the app to help with customer account creations

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