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Before | After

A very simple but powerful app.  Ever wanted to take a before and after images of a remodeling project?  Or perhaps weight loss or for any other countless situations?  This app allows you to take a photo, then overlay that photo on top of the camera to help align your after shot, allowing one to view the differences perfectly.


Multiple effects allow you to share to Facebook, Twitter, and even export animated GIFs of the differences


Edge Detection

To help align the after image, simply push the 'Edges' button to see the edges of the 'before' image while taking the second image.  You may also change the opacity as well as the edge detection threshold in real time.


By overlaying your previously taken picture on top of the camera, this will help you take an 'After' picture that's in alignment from the same spot as the before.


On top of taking the image, there are several built in effects to view the differences between the images.  The one is the classic slider, to simply slide left to right or top to bottom to see the differences between the images.  The second is a simple fade, to fade in and out. Both of these allow to export an animated GIF.  Another is a very unique X-Ray vision to pan the image to see what is underneath it.  Other effects include side by side comparisons and a series of tiled images.  


Pictures can be shared from each effect to Facebook, Twitter, and any other apps.

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 9.31.23 AM.png


A new feature is to be able to perfectly align a previous picture smaller, with the new image taken farther back to 'inset' the previous photo.  This allows for immersive viewing of historical pictures in today's environment

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